Performance Modeling Club
Northwest Washington
Hobby Shop Sue
Here's my story, it's sad but true
About a girl her name is Sue
She has a store that she's closin' down
The only hobby store in town
Heh, heh, Ooooh...Oooh...Oooh.Bom, Bom, Bom
Guess I should've know it from the start
This girl would leave us with a broken part
Sellin' us toys that drove fast and flew
We're gonna Miss our Hobby Shop Sue!! 

Her Amazin' toys put a smile on our face
A throttle in your hand was a girl's warm embrace
Ask any hobbyist that's sniffin glue.. they'll say
"We're' gonna miss our Hobby Shop Sue!!"
Well she has them sparklin' eyes..and..
She has the best "part" in town
But people let me put you wise
She sells.. PARTS TO OTHER GUYS !!
Here's the moral of the story from a guy who knows
We fell in love and our love still grows
Ask any hobbyist that's sniffing glue....they'll say  
"We're'gonna miss our Hobby Shop Sue !!"
We'll miss...Yeah we're'gonna miss that girl.
We don't know whaaat we'll do
Without Hobby Shop Sue
O-o-o-oh heh, heh, um-ba-de-le-da-le...